Summer Studio Tour 2015

The Summer Studio Tour 2015 is winding down and heading to a last stop in Washington DC.  I had an amazing cross-country drive to Santa Fe, New Mexico where I installed work at Currents: The Santa Fe International New Media Festival.  I met some great artists there from France, Germany, Singapore and the US.  I was so thrilled to be joined by my regular partner in crime, Eric, as well as two of my oldest friends, sisters, and former hiking buddies from the Appalachian Trail days.  It was a gorgeous experience.  

When I returned from the west, I packed up the studio and headed to the mountains in NE Georgia for a studio residency at Hambidge Arts Center.  That part of the world is like a home away from home- I’ve spent my formative years there and just smelling the rhododendron-moist forest made me nostalgic for the hiking and horseback riding trips of my teens and twenties and oh-so many wonderful friends and memories.  I also got the great news that besides my solo show at Salisbury University on the eastern shore of Maryland, I will also be participating in Richmond’s wonderful 1708 Gallery “InLight Richmond” exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts this fall!

Most exciting of the summer was creating a series of large scale paper cuts on roofing paper.  These are inspired from my trip to Yellowstone two years ago and my on-going research interest in the psychology of spaces and landscape.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Summer Studio Tour 2015

  1. Alice, glorious and sublime — your latest cut-paper work (hand-cut? laser-cut?) and the view of the video/mirror/”wallpaper” piece. Congrats! Debbie

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