Moving Ahead and Falling Behind • 2016

Every year I feel like I am falling dramatically behind the last and needing some kind of potion (ala Hermione Granger) to add hours into my day. I did manage to get a newsletter out with updates from my summer, but it reminded me that I also need to get my personal blog moving along as well. Enter, a snow day! How convenient!

What a year I had in 2015- losing my father was hard (is still hard) no matter the fact that he had a long life. Experiencing the anniversary of his death last week was actually very freeing. I think there is something to Victorian mourning: the dark clothes are an emblem, but also a protection, a physical shell you can wear that cloaks you and holds you together when you feel like you could fall apart. I had that image in my head last week of removing a dark and heavy cloak and stepping outside. I felt ready. But, damn, it’s still February. Where’s all the sunshine?? I spent the first four (maybe five) months last year feeling pretty numb and reading mystery novel after mystery novel. Afterwards, I went into one of the most creative periods I’ve had in awhile and I am definitely chalking it up to the perfect choreography of a cross-country drive, old friends, a great art venue to exhibit in and later a three-week residency at a wonderfully quiet and remote spot. I wrote about my wonderful 2015 summer, here.

This past fall I co-taught Senior Thesis Seminar at the DAAP/University of Cincinnati and had the pleasure of many great studio visits with young, awesome artists working in all kinds of different materials. It is so exciting seeing the progresson of their ideas and their breakthrough moments. Earlier this year I re-installed my video sculpture work from the Cincinnati 21c Museum to the Louisville, KY 21c Museum. It was great to see it in a new space, and I love it when people send me images and texts from when they visit it such as the image in the gallery above! In October I visited Seattle to present at the art schools network conference on technology and the arts at Cornish College of the Arts and had a great time meeting people and thinking about ways to up my game teaching-wise. In November I took a long weekend to install DarkGlass at Salisbury University on Maryland’s eastern shore. It was wonderful to realize a few of the silhouettes in space with video and LED [and frustrating when I am dealing with such a tiny (yet affordable and warm) studio]. Where is my grant to realize my dream of a backyard studio??? I know a terrific architect….

The same weekend that I installed at Salisbury University, I also had one of the highlights of my year (years?) and was awarded “Best in Show” for my work Lightgeist at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts as part of the exhibit InLight Richmond organized by 1708 Gallery. Now I am in the studio working on a piece that incorporates the shadowplay of Lightgeist, but moves beyond it into an immersive gallery installation for The Carnegie’s upcoming exhibition, The Mini (Microcinema), curated by C. Jacqueline Woods. This opens March 11 and goes through April 23. I hope you will join me at the opening if you’re in the area!

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