Coffee Table Curating: Art Books to Read and Discuss

Much of this summer has included traveling from one landscape/cityscape to another: England and Ireland, Colorado, New Mexico, Michigan and Washington DC. Some travel with my partner Eric, but mostly on my own.  All along the way we/I absorb art, artists and art making techniques.  Eric suggested we try to have a longer -homefront- dialogue about the usual studio ideas that center around architecture, installation, glass, and one of our favorite themes of Das Unheimlich, but this time trying to engage the large collection of art books that don’t see anywhere near enough action as our magazines do.  Every few weeks we will take turns selecting a few books that we think will spark good conversations- and maybe we will discover some gems we forgot we owned! Here is Eric’s book selection along with our cat who just likes sitting around looking pretty……

William ChristenberryWilliam Christenberry, southern artist, Washington DC transplant, Corcoran School of Art professor.  I first saw his work when I was in grad school and went to the Phillips Collection and experienced the familiar, yet eerie quality of his “Dream Buildings”- small, scaled interpretations of derelict buildings that he also documented with photography.

Twighlight: Photographs by Gregory CrewdsonThis book with an introductory essay by Rick Moody, overviews Gregory Crewdson’s photographs of mysterious, suburban environments using cinematic lighting and staging.  His work came to the Cincinnati Art Museum in 2008 in the exhibit “Gregory Crewdson: Beneath the Roses”.

Working and Living Spaces: Working at HomeThis book by Aurora Cuito, visits many different international home/studio spaces.  As artists, Eric and I have both lived where we work and worked where we live.  Currently, we have basement workshops (wood and glass) and I also have a studio in a local warehouse building.  This book makes me dream even more about one studio for everything.  In the backyard.



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