Spring Cleaning

It has been a hectic 2014 so far with a cold, extended winter that seemed to go on forever!  I’m trying to clean house, get the news of the past season out, and prep myself for more travel.  This spring I was included in an exhibit entitled Mending: New Uses for Old Traditions at University of North Carolina, Wilmington.  It was an interesting mix of contemporary fiber sculptures/installations or plays on traditional fiber arts- my pieces were cast glass lace collars.  I also exhibited in a two part traveling show called “Displacement” that took place at Spaulding University in Louisville, KY and also at the New Harmony Gallery for Contemporary Art in Indiana. One of the most exciting things to happen to me this year- and certainly since I’ve been working with glass- was to be included in the Bullseye eMerge 2014 international glass casting biennial.  My partner and I went out for the opening/awards ceremony and had a fantastic (and sunny!) time in Portland, Oregon for a long weekend.  We were able to check out the show at Bullseye and also fit in a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Craft.  We hiked in the Columbia River gorge around Multnomah Falls and had a lovely lunch at a nearby brewery just over the river in Washington and finished the day with a wine-tasting!  It was all good.  If anyone in Oregon wants to hire me, I’m willing to relocate…..

This spring I also took some of my high school art students to Paris and London to study art and art history.  It was a wonderful trip- I think two of my favorite parts were visiting Chartres Cathedral and a terrific drawing show we saw at the Pompidou that was from the Guerlain collection.  Students seemed to be very inspired by this- I spied lots of sketching and general hanging about with angsty stares.  Of course, they could just be sleeping with their eyes open, or daydreaming about the latest dystopic book/film/band…..  I missed teaching my college students while I was gone, but we made it up (kinda- I mean I left them for Europe) with a field trip to the Weston Art Gallery and a pitstop at Holtman’s Donuts. Hopefully, they forgave me.  Besides having a great spring semester with my 3D Foundations class at Northern Kentucky University, and teaching and traveling with my arts high school students, I was also invited to speak to the Professional Practices class at the University of Cincinnati and share my thoughts on working and maintaining an active studio practice.  I’d like to think that they are not so scared to graduate??  At any rate, I’m looking forward to the summer, so I can get MY professional practice on.

Last weekend was the walking studio tour “North by Northside”  also hosted by the Weston Art Gallery, and was a lovely day for people to walk through my awesome neighborhood of Northside from studio to studio.  My only complaint was that I couldn’t leave my studio to see other artists!  In a week or so, I travel to Dublin where I hope to catch up with Dierdre Feeney of a previous Looking Glass fame, and then travel to the Lake District in England for a family vacation.  Then it is on to more (fun) work at Anderson Ranch where I am taking a class with Andy Brayman on using 3D printing to make molds for casting, and then going analog with a workshop at Bullseye Santa Fe with Richard Whiteley!!  I am going to geek out with all of this- and then have a month and half to work in the studio before its back to the teaching grind again.  Many thanks to Anderson Ranch and professional development grants for supporting these two experiences!



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