Looking Glass: A Monthly Post on Four Artists Who Caught My Eye • January

Whitfield Lovell- I came across Whitfield Lovell’s work at the Phillips Collection in Washington DC.  Three of his mixed media drawings were on display as recent acquisitions.  The work is so clean and sharp and starkly composed. I wish you could see in person the pearl “tears” that run down the woman’s cheek in the second drawing.  Stunning. Link

Jeremy Lepisto- I saw Jeremy’s work for the first time at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington.  His Water Tower sculpture of blown glass with enameled drawings of city/industrial scenes stopped me in my tracks. I love the cool removal of the urban iconography contrasted with his illustrative ‘hand’ that makes the work so much more personal and interesting.  I was able to take a class in imagery on glass from Jeremy this past summer at Penland in North Carolina, he is hilarious and a braniac- a fantastic teaching combination. Link

Matthew Flegle- Matthew’s work has been in two recent exhibitions at the wonderful Weston Art Gallery.  He is a northern neighbor, teaching just up the road at Columbus College of Art and Design.  I took my 3D Foundations students to see his work and was so struck by his craft, slyness and the feet of his objects.  Yes, I said feet- each base seems to have a special element- my favorite was Shroud’s silvery metal legs which tapered into the size and shape of a carpenter’s pencil and then pooled liquid-like underneath each point. Link

Lin Tianmiao- Last winter I was in NYC and saw Bound Unbound at the Asia Society.  I had seen her work before in print, most recently in Sculpture Magazine’s big feature in 2012.  The show was large and varied with objects and figures wrapped in thread.  It was a visually powerful and broad exhibition: some parts felt playfully weird  (the rounded female figures with squarish headdresses wrapped in pink, mercerized thread) and in other parts the mood shifted to darkly layered multimedia installations. Link

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