You Can’t Go Home Again

“You Can’t Go Home Again” is the title of my most recent work that was exhibited at Carl Solway’s Findlay Street Project Space a couple of months ago.  This piece was inspired by a lot of things- my obsession with forest fires, Kentucky Black Barns, the book “Shipwreck with Spectator”, my residency at Jentel in Wyoming, and a trip to Yellowstone…. I could go on.  Yes, the title is a nod to Thomas Wolfe’s novel- at least in the broader themes.

You Can’t Go Home Again, 2013.  Kiln cast glass, video, paper, wood, coal, salt, graphite, found objects.
Bodies of Water, 2013. Pâte de verre cast glass, salt, wood
Absence, 2013. Pâte de verre cast glass
This Distance, 2013. Kiln cast glass, video, salt, sound
 Remembering/ Un-remembering, 2013.  Kiln and sand cast glass, wood, video

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