My Summer Studio Tour…

…Is about to hit the road!  First stop was actually Washington DC, did that, saw The Fam, gasped at the Albrecht Durer show…..  Now I’m getting ready to go to The Studio at Corning Glass for the second summer in a row.  Corning is amazing.  Beautiful part of the world, the factory whistle still blows at 6:45am, 7am, 7:45am, 8am, 1pm and 5pm!  That was definitely a “wake up” call when I first heard it, but apparently the townspeople of Corning love it and voted to keep it.  No alarm clocks necessary.  Steam whistle your ass out of bed!  Get to work!

I cannot wait to hit the road- for the first time in a 13 years, I have a new vehicle with all the mod cons and air conditioning!  And no giant crack across the windscreen!
First stop Corning, NY- one of my favorite places to run as it is super sun-shiney and bright around 5:30am.  Last summer I was getting up insanely early and running around the town before working at the studio.  Great way to spend your days!
After Corning, comes Penland, NC for two weeks and then home for a week to install a show and then hitting the road again- this time to Wyoming for a month-long residency at Jentel.  So. Excited.

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