After Winter comes SPRING!

Well not really, but I do have crocus in my yard and the days are finally lengthening.  Soon running in the early morning will not be such a crisis of faith and motivation.  I hope.

I am very excited to find out that I’m going to Jentel for an artist residency for a month in July.  Jentel is a beautiful, small residency for artists and writers in Wyoming… so very, very thrilled about this!  When I resignedly, hysterically (and full of false bravado fueled by birthday party wine) declared that I would “own 40”, I didn’t think I would get this kind of gift, but dang!  Here it is!

Jentel Artist Residency, Banner, Wyoming

We just got back from installing an installation for a group show called “Anywhere but Here” at Whitdel Arts (part of Detroit Institute of Contemporary Arts).  Eric is definitely “training” me in efficiency with his architect ways!  We had a laugh before at my skulking around UICA with my “non-crate” status during last fall’s ArtPrize, so now I’m determined to pack the work better!  This trip was easy and fun, but unexpected inclement weather drove us home earlier than we expected…

Next up!  Lexington Art League and “Tales They Told Us”.  I’ve been asked to be a “featured artist” of the show, and will be giving an artist talk in April.  Making an installation to fit into their library (it is an historic mansion- turned art gallery- gorgeous!) and installing other works as well.

Have a couple of other group shows this spring including an auction supporting Visionaries and Voices where I am collaborating with a lovely V&V artist named Barb!  Also, the inimitable Jane Durrell interviewed me for our local public radio program, “Around Cincinnati” to see what I was up to this spring with the shows in Detroit, Lexington, and later the Civil War installation exhibit I’m really excited about here in Cincinnati (more on that to come).

Work in progress in the studio- charcoal and ash made me and the studio filthy for days…great stuff!

Getting ready!  This gas-guzzler put a major dent in my restaurant budget. 😦

Snow in Detroit- who would have planned for that??

On the right is the old abandoned train station- elegant decay.

“Visiting an Old Ghost”, 2013.  Wood, Fiber, Charcoal, Ash, Kiln Cast Glass, Video, Audio

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