Back to work with a vengeance

Here is a detail of my piece, “Will You Miss Me When I Burn” that was recently up at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.  I’m looking forward to exploring this idea further and have been hard at work trying to get my kiln skillz up to par. Also an image of my crazy weekend nightlife…Martinis, tile tests and casting.  Sigh.Of.Happiness.

In two weeks I will pack up the wagon and head to the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan!  Installing another video/sculpture piece in the show “Somewhere Else” as a part of the month-long city-wide ArtPrize extravaganza.  Exciting!

Next up, continuing to research for the upcoming 2013 group exhibit, “Wounded Home” which will happen at the Lloyd Library.  I am super excited about that too, and will exhibit with some of my favorite regional artists.  This exhibit will re-create a Civil War-era parlor and each of the artists will work with some aspect of the domestic space. Perfect!

Just finished my first glass blowing class at Brazee School of Glass’ new hot shop!  I think I may be the worst glassblower in the history of glassblowing…. I still can’t reliably get a bubble started.  I guess I’ll just have to try again!  In late September, I’m taking a workshop with the glass artist, Carrie Iverson.  Really like her work, and I’ve wanted to explore enamels and printmaking more formally for awhile.  (Ok, lets face it- I want to study EVERYTHING more formally! Oh to be 20 again!!!)  At some point, I’m going to have to stop taking classes and start saving to replace my 13 year old car…..

My goals for this year (besides taking more classes!!) was to somehow incorporate a weekly casting into a blog (I still don’t know how interesting that is to anyone but me) and to get in some more shows out of state.  I love Cincinnati, but I feel like I’ve shown everywhere twice.  Got ideas?  Hit me up!


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