To Do Picks: "Parallels"

By Jane Durrell

 A quirky little show in the Art Academy’s ground floor Convergys Gallery presents new work by two Academy graduates, both now teachers at the school for Creative and Performing Arts and — as it happens — running companions.
Parallels: Work by Melanie Hart and Alice Pixley Young includes Young’s newest, a thought-provoking tableau, “Will you miss me when I burn?” incorporating charcoal, wood, cast glass and a surprise use of video.

Each artist enjoys enigmatic titles: One of Hart’s is “Maybe My Life Is a Feather Duster or Yours Is a Sparkler.” Hart’s excursions into what can be done by wrapping sticks with yarn are a refinement on the Yarn Bombers’ exuberant public enhancements and invite a close look.
Through July 20. Free. Art Academy, 1212 Jackson St., Over-the-Rhine. Call 513-562-6262 for hours.

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