Count it down

‘Looking Glass’ opens at PAC Gallery on March 9, opening from 6-9pm. I will be posting (and mailing and emailing) the official exhibition invitation soon, but for now I’m just trying to get it all tied together.

 I bought a fancy new letralite which I have wanted since I used one at Pilchuck this summer, and I just completed my first image exposure which will be etched onto the glass using the sandblaster.
I have been madly trying to fire the kiln so that I can use some cast glass, but my fantasy life and reality are in a head on collision when I realize I have only been firing this for a month now. Thats ok! I’m so excited about this direction, that I’m eager to continue exploring it well after this show.

The letralite is a fun toy, can’t wait to try more images out on it.  Below, I couldn’t resist trying to snap a quick picture of the kiln at process temperature.  It just looks dark to me in my green welders glasses.

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