Maiden Firing

I have been itching for weeks to get the kiln setup finalized and fire it up.  Waking up in the middle of the night to plot how I should create my molds.  Waking up early in the morning to plot some more.  My partner has become used to waking by the sheer intensity of my brain waves and adept at mumbling, “Still planning the project?” and falling promptly back asleep while my jittery brain rattles on.  So goes solo show planning and kiln schedules.

Had a nice morning yesterday opening my studio up to the Cincinnati Art Museum’s docents.  About ten of them came on a very bitter cold morning while I showed them some prototypes, video and paper pieces and talked about my process and influences.  Afterward, I ran home to check on the kiln at process temperature, and all seemed right in the kiln (and therefore the world).  Worked the rest of the day and then had a lovely dinner at a local Korean restaurant and off to my belated birthday present: tickets to see The Civil Wars at the Madison Theater across the river.  They are kind of gothic folk/alt country- great show!

 Melting out the wax… Not quite as simple as I thought.  I think I ruined the wallpaper steamer.  Don’t tell Eric.

 The Civil Wars.  Awesome. I felt old going to a show and then home before midnight.  When did this happen???

 Two glass casts right after  I broke off the mold material.

 Next up: making a clay shim and a latex mold for single antler #2.

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