Crashing Headlong into Winter

Busy days filled with too many work distractions, but I was able to order my new kiln, a Paragon, which is now sitting in the basement, awaiting it’s new concrete pad.  Here it is when it arrived shortly after it was unloaded from the tractor trailer. 

 I took my brother-in-law’s advice and called my local taxidermist to see about borrowing some antlers.  The taxidermist was very nice and I was able to borrow a small pair for a few weeks.  Here is a very sloppy urethane mold before I created the mother mold.

Here is the successful wax casting!  I’m ready to make several more, and I’ll make some new molds for the kiln, and cast them in glass…..

Here is the collection pile of some of the elements going into my new wall-based piece which will.. fingers crossed.. be ready for a show in a few months.

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