Pilchuck: Week Two

This place is still crazy-hectic!  We got our work out of the kiln, my piece should have had more annealing time, and it cracked across the handle.  Hopefully, my second mirror will fair better.  I’ve been working on cold working- mostly engraving, and also working on my paper cut animations. Also my second sculpture and a small pate de verre.  See?  HECTIC.
We had a great student/staff auction (silent and live) and I put my rayzist etched plate in and pledged an intaglio print and got some bids.  THEN, I bid and one an editioned Bruce Mau embossment!!!!  He and Catherine Chalmers are our AIR’s here this session, and I’m super excited to have one.  Below are some pictures from the past week.

 Pictures of the second mirror positive and it’s mold being cast

 First mirror ready to be pulled from the kiln- a little spillage on the side right near where it cracked.

 Packing my mirror with frit and soda lime billet chunks.
 One of the prints by Bruce Mau!
 Student/ Staff live auction with a costume dance party after.  

 Using grit on my mirror and polishing it by hand with a smaller, harder piece of glass.

 My roommate bid on a personal rainbow and now I sleep beneath one.

 The set up of my animation on the light table.

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