Pilchuck: Week One

Whew!  This place is sooo hectic! I arrived at Pilchuck Glass School a week ago and have been working non-stop.  So much so, that I haven’t posted any photos yet much less had a chance to enjoy the stunning scenery.  Getting off the plane and seeing this hulking mountain in the distance, Mt. Rainier, was awe inspiring.  Photos with the iphone just can’t capture the scale.
Pilchuck and my class on glass casting and animation are amazing!  It is inspiring to be here and I’m really excited about everything I’m learning- it made me realize that although I *feel* like I’m learning all the time, I really need a intensive training course to push me forward.  So my next mission is to find out how I can hang out here next summer and every summer after…..  Here are some photos of the surrounding landscape– they are almost all sunrise and sunset- the two times I’m likely to be on my way to a meal or on a run….  The other pictures are from what I’m working on.

View from the top of Mt. Pilchuck during a lunchtime run.  Pilchuck Glass School is in the middle of Pilchuck tree farm, so there is visible evidence of the cutting which is done when the tree are about 40 years old (although some stumps I saw were as big as cars, so…)

View of Puget Sound from the back of the Lodge/Dining Room at Pilchuck at dusk.

View of Puget Sound over the Cold Shop at sunset.

This is my mirror that I am sculpting in clay- it will be cast in glass and a mini LCD screen and my video will be attached to the back and visible through the front of the mirror.

My plaster/silica mold in the process of being cleaned out and ready for casting.

Filling the clean mold with glass chunks and setting it up in the kiln.

Work station still life with complimentary post-Pilchuck party hangover.

Tacoma Museum of art on our “day off”

Using plate glass to construct a small glass form and learning to engrave.
Engraving set up in the Cold Shop

 Engraving of trees seen sideways.  Hours of work.

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