I am about a week into my residency, feeling pretty settled, but would like to be doing more work.  I have been taking these amazing walks/runs in the morning- haven’t come across any bear, but have been assaulted daily by bugs whose sole purpose is to nestle against my eyeballs.  I don’t really get that, but there it is.  Shh!!!  Don’t tell the mosquitos about this part of Georgia!!!  They seem to not have found it yet!

On my walk, there was a wonderful stream that had a swimming hole and this lovely little spring house- I think I would like to live in it like some old witch….

Took some more lovely pictures of the mountains before I headed back to my studio to bake my plaster molds a bit more and work on some new ideas….

I know, I know- every time I see a paper cut out of human form, I think about Kara Walker– doesn’t she basically own the intellectual property known as “the silhouette”?  Well, whatever.  I’m working through a thang.  Hopefully it will not lead to the antebellum south (although I am in Georgia)……  Loving it here, wish I could stay longer…..

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