Getting ready….

So, I’m getting ready for a big shift in work combined with a serious work explosion in the next few months.  It seems scary to start, but I think once I’m into it, I’ll be fine.  Well, once I’m into it!

I attended this conference  about conserving video works like Nam June Paik’s– specifically Cinci-mix.  It was really fascinating to learn more about the history of art in my adopted city and how artists and gallerists like Mark Patsfall and Carl Solway played such an integral part in the creation, production and exhibition of Paik’s work.   I also went because of the video sculpture exhibit that my friend Aaron Cowan was putting together.

The exhibit Aaron helped put together,  Video Sculpture was really great and really helped me put my research in perspective as to what I want to make and how I want to make it.  Two artists that really stood out to me are Amy Jenkins and Annie Strader.  Both of these artists worked in ways that I find intriguing, and it was exciting to see some of the ideas that I like about sculpture, installation, video and sound being done in a really, really successful way.  Annie Strader was even gracious enough to answer a (very basic, I realized shortly after I sent an email) question about her work which just reinforces my appreciation of my fellow artists, thanks Annie!!

I bought a used camera on Amazon– a cute-as-a-button Canon Vixia, and I’m just starting to use it.  now I need to lockdown a copy of Final Cut Pro (can i put that on my laptop, or does it need too much RAM- anyone?) and I will be set.  I can’t wait to get to Georgia and start filming and then start putting them together with mirrors, my sound piece and the glass pieces I expect to cast later this summer at Pilchuck.

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